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Expats discover Suzhou with 'Go Jiangsu'
来源:iSuzhou   2024-04-01 09:53:00

The “Go Jiangsu”Footsteps in Jiangsu: Foreign Youth's Travelogue kicked off in Suzhou today.

Over 10 national media outlets including Xinhuanet, CCTV.com, and China.org.cn will have full coverage of the event. Themed “Building a Strong, Prosperous, Beautiful and High-quality New Jiangsu,”the event invites more than 10 expats from such countries as Russia, Germany, the United States, France, Cameroon, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Turkmenistan, and Iran to many places in Jiangsu province. They will feel the rapid pace of Jiangsu’s high-quality development in person and witness its new accomplishments in a new era. Suzhou is the first stop of their trips in Jiangsu.

At the launching ceremony, the much-anticipated survey report Jiangsu in the Eyes of Foreign Youth was released. The respondents included more than 100 youth representatives from 60 countries. Nearly 60 percent of those polled have been to or lived in Jiangsu, among whom one has lived in Jiangsu for eight years. The beautiful ecological environment and a robust economy have become a new signature of Jiangsu in the world.

At the event, the host interacted cordially with many foreign young people on “what happened between me and Jiangsu.”The young expats also shared their impressions of Jiangsu.

Melina Weberfrom Germany likes xiaolongbao (steamed meat bun) a lot. She mentioned that she once took part in the activities about Suzhou Industrial Park when she was in Germany. She would like to gain more insights into the industrial landscapes of Suzhou and traditional Jiangnan culture. She also particularly talked about Chinese painting and Suzhou embroidery that she’d like to learn about and try out.

Baidak Melissafrom Russia was amazed at the coexistence of economic and technological development and a beautiful ecological environment, lauding Suzhou government’s policy and concept of environmental protection.

Alexandre Gueryfrom France has been to Suzhou many times. He noted that Suzhou is a habitable city that boasts beautiful natural landscapes, classical gardens, and delicacies such as crab roe tofu soup. As an IT engineer, he looked forward to visiting Suzhou.

"Go Jiangsu"is a unique brand event co-organized by the Information Office of the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government and China Daily. Since 2018, more than 20 events have been held across the province with 200-plus foreign participants.



22日至23日, “海外华文媒体看江苏”团队走进扬州。